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The Free Software Directory is a catalog of useful free software that runs under free operating systems.
FSF staff and volunteers work together to collect detailed information about free software programs
and organize it in a clear and accessible format.


Hi, I am Manivannan,
a computer science graduate from Anna University, Chennai.
I have been working in the field of Opensource for the past 3 years. I began my career as a trainee in OpenLabs Technologies and then advanced to the position of Opensource Software Developer in Slashprog Technologies. Opensource has been my long time passion and contribute to the growth of Opensource softwares and Operating Systems. With this passion, "HowOpenSource" was created to share and gain knowledge across the Opensource community. Here you can find information on different topics like opensource software, tools and plenty of tit – bits. Information is provided in a user friendly way to help people from various skill levels.
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