Zápis na Externý HD - súborový system dovoľuje len čítanie.

Založil richard.bezak, 30. 06. 2018, 09:16:40

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Pri inštalácii Debianu na Mac som data z Macu vyzálohoval na Externý HD. Ten keď teraz pripojím, je prístupný len na čítanie nie na zápis. Previedol som toto:

root@debian:/media/richard/Zaloha1# chown root /media/richard/Zaloha1/
chown: mením vlastníctvo '/media/richard/Zaloha1/': Súborový systém dovoľuje len čítanie

Nepomohlo, previedol som toto:

root@debian:/media/richard/Zaloha1# mount -o remount,rw /dev/sdb2
root@debian:/media/richard/Zaloha1# cp buddha.jpg budha.jpg
cp: nie je možné vytvoriť obyčajný súbor 'budha.jpg': Súborový systém dovoľuje len čítanie

čo sice zbehlo bez chyby ale bez efektu.

Súborový system je identifikovaný takto:

root@debian:/media/richard/Zaloha1# file - < /dev/sdb2
/dev/stdin: Macintosh HFS Extended version 4 data last mounted by: 'HFSJ', created: Fri Dec 10 20:40:12 2010, last modified: Tue Jun  5 18:22:59 2018, last checked: Fri Dec 10 18:40:12 2010, block size: 4096, number of blocks: 244106668, free blocks: 87925503                     

Ako, resp, čo spraviť, aby som na ten HD mohol aj zapisovať?


Nainštaloval som hfsprogs

The HFS+ file system used by Apple Computer for their Mac OS is
supported by the Linux kernel.  Apple provides mkfs and fsck for
HFS+ with the Unix core of their operating system, Darwin.

This package is a port of Apple's tools for HFS+ filesystems.

For users, HFS+ seems to be a good compromise to carry files between
MacOS X and Linux Machines, as HFS+ doesn't suffer the problems of
FAT32 like:

* huge space waste (in slack space as devices grow faster);
* ability to create files that are more than 4GB in size (especially
   good for those working with multimedia and that need to carry large
   ISO files);
* ability to use case preserving (and even sensitivity!);
* ability to use uid's and gid's on the filesystem.

Users in general can enjoy such benefits since it is expected to have
more HFS+ filesystems in use, as Apple has announced Macintoshes for
ix86-64, besides the filesystem being already supported by PowerPC
systems since the beginning.

Ale nepomohlo ani to.

Roman Horník

Nejdřív ho odpoj (umount) a pak připoj pomocí:

# mount -t hfsplus -o force,rw /dev/sdx /kam/to/chceš/připojit
Debian Sid/Experimental 64bit + Mate Desktop Environment
* CPU: Intel i5 3570
* MB: Lenovo IH61M
* RAM: 16GiB Deutsche Demokratische Republik 3 @ 1600MHz